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Cryptocurrency Mining + Tax Savings

Unparalleled opportunity combining state-of-the-start cryptocurrency mining operations with a unique tax-advantaged structure.

Strategic power supply

  • Co-located at US power plant
  • 30 MW facility with renewable loop
  • Grid-independent
  • Hyper-reliable

Capital gains tax free

  • Qualifies as Opportunity Zone investment
  • Zero capital gains taxes*
  • 10-year capital gains tax deferral on initial investment*

Multi-currency mining

  • Active management
  • Multi-currency mining and operation
  • Constant R&D of leading edge technology

NSDQ Mining is a joint venture between Ashley Energy and Bright Light Commercial Real Estate.

This facility is the first  joint venture between a high density data center and a co-generation power company in the USA.  

High density mining creates intense heat, the cooling of which is a major cost to competing mining operations. At NSDQ, Ashley Energy will capture the heat from the mining farm and funnel that energy towards the plant’s thermal operations.  Ashley Energy anticipates a 30-40%  BTU recovery which will preheat water headed to the steam turbine's boiler.  usage due to this renewable energy source.  

Cryptocurrency mining centers are typically housed overseas due to cheaper electricity costs. As part of the joint agreement, Ashley Energy will forward power credits to NSDQ Mining for the recaptured energy making this American cryptocurrency mining center environmentally efficient.  Another advantage of building the mining center within Ashely Energy is the operations will be independent of the power grid and not subject to transmission interruptions.

*  NSDQ Mining expects to make the  "Opportunity Zone Fund"  election as a US taxpaying entity. More information on Opportunity Zones can be found here.

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